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Saturday, September 23, 2017

#24: "Recyclables Of The Dark Knight"

Or "The Strange Secrets Of This Bane!"

In this second and final edition of Graphic Novelism's epic retrospective of BATMAN: THE ANIMATED SERIES, Big Bad Alex, James The Squid, and Mike 'The Wheezer' Napier embark on a Demon's Quest of their own through the latter half of production in the classic show to answer lingering questions that have plagued them and the fandom at large for years. And the answers they find? They're the stuff that dreams are made of. Illuminating revelations are given on everything from the production team's many clashes with Broadcast Standards and Practices, culminating into one of the most bizarre censor requests of the show's entire history, to the most perplexing redesign choices going into The Animated Series' spin-off, THE NEW BATMAN ADVENTURES. But just what did happen when the team ran out of story material for a villain they themselves redefined? Who very nearly gave the Bat-Family a fifth and perplexingly permanent member of the team? What's the story on the series spin-off that almost was? Were the actual origins behind the titular villain of the Caped Crusader's first cinematic animated outing really what we've all come to accept, or was there more to the story all along? And just what, exactly, was up with that version of the maligned villain Bane - and what hidden truths does it reveal about a key member of Batman's allies?! The Strange Secrets Of The Animated Series stand revealed at last! And as Graphic Novelism closes out this retrospective, we pay tribute to the legendary Len Wein, the man who helped give us many of The Dark Knight's greatest adventures and beyond.

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