Tuesday, September 5, 2017

#23: "The Strange Secrets Of Batman: The Animated Series"

Or, "I've Got Batman In My Podcast!"

In this special edition of Graphic Novelism, Big Bad Alex, James The Squid, and Mike 'The Wheezer' Napier bare their silicon souls in an effort to transport themselves to a more innovative time in comic book animation. A time where the universe momentarily aligned, the Gods of Superheroism finally looked down upon the medium of cartoons, and uttered a single command - "Let there be vengeance." From it's surprising, often overlooked origins as a footnote on the backlot of Warner Bros. Animation Studios, to it's ascension as legendary Emmy Award-winning television, the super-scholars pay homage to the 25th anniversary of BATMAN: THE ANIMATED SERIES by detailing the dreams behind the darkness. How did a 29-year-old storyboard artist turn an innocuous duck into one of the most iconic renditions of The Caped Crusader of all time? What secret benefactor both saved the show as we know it and helped guide the hands of fate towards a ghost most gray? And just why, oh why, did audiences get saddled with the one episode of the series that we all collectively decided never to talk about? Riddles from The Minotaur's Maze are revealed in the first part of a retrospective so epic that it just couldn't be contained in one installment!

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